Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Retirement Planning:

Our specialty is helping clients in their 40s and 50s save for retirement and helping our retired clients create a retirement “paycheck”.  The amount and frequency of the payments are determined by the client’s financial plan and are carefully monitored to ensure that clients do not outlive their retirement assets.

In addition to this specialty, we have almost two decades of experience helping clients in the following functional areas:

Saving for College:

With college costs now frequently exceeding $60,000 per year, it is more important than ever to begin saving for college as early as possible. We prepare college projections that identify how much you need to be saving but we don’t stop there --  we also advise on how college money should be invested and how you can best navigate through the financial aid process.

Insurance Review:

Having a top notch investment plan in place is of little use if you suffer a tragic event like death, disability or a critical event.  We will help you ascertain what coverage you currently have in place and where additional coverage might be necessary.  Areas covered include:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Property and Casualty Insurance, and
  • Long Term Care Insurance

We do not sell insurance of any kind.  Our objective when reviewing your current coverage is to highlight areas that you might want to discuss further with an appropriately licensed agent.

Tax Planning:

No one likes taxes. But taxes can often be minimized by taking advantage of tax loss harvesting opportunities and by placing tax inefficient assets in tax deferred vehicles like IRAs.  We will consider your personal situation and design a tax strategy that fits your needs.

Estate Planning:

Do you have a will? A health care proxy? A trust? We can help you sort through what you currently have in place and if there are any gaps or documents that need to be updated, we can refer you to an estate planning attorney who specializes in this area. We are also happy to attend meetings with your attorney if you would like.

Social Security Optimization:

The “normal” retirement age varies from age 65 to age 67 with the ability to claim early benefits at age 62. Many people have no choice but to claim at age 62 but doing so results in a permanently lower benefit amount. If you can delay claiming your benefits until age 70, you can capture a significantly larger benefit amount.  We can help you analyze your claiming options and select the optimal strategy. 


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