No Social Security Increase in 2016

No Social Security Increase in 2016

There will be no cost of living adjustment in 2016 for those receiving Social Security benefits.

While the average increase over the last 40 years has been just over 4%, next year will be the third year in the past decade where there has been no increase at all.

Are Higher Wage Earners Living Longer?

A recent New York Times article, “Income Inequality Ages Badly”, reviewed the findings of a report from the National Academy of Sciences that found that people in the highest earnings brackets live noticeably longer than those in the lowest earnings brackets.

New Mortgage Rules Start This Week

Parents of a College Freshman?

This month, parents have dropped their 18 year old children off at college. Before they left, they likely had lists galore of things to bring -- comforters? sheets? snacks? new clothes? pictures from home? All important things you wouldn't want to forget. But what about something that is REALLY important -- what about the legal documents a parent might need?

Beware Of The New FAFSA Rules

Do You Have A Junior In High School? Beware Of The New FAFSA Rules!

In years past, when high school seniors were applying to colleges, they completed financial aid forms that reflected income earned by their families in the year before the student went to college.

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