How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Most people seek the help of an advisor because they sense that their financial life is in disarray.  By the time they fulfill all their obligations at home and at work, there is little time left over to think about their financial goals and  how best to attain them. We understand that and will work with you to organize your financial life, prioritize your financial goals, and help you follow through on your financial commitments.

Organize Your Financial Life

We will help you get your financial life in order. The first step in our planning process is identifying where you are now and where you want to be in the future. We start by asking questions about your cash flow, your investments, your taxes and what you might have in place for insurance (life, disability, long term care). And we also ask about estate documents – do you have a will? A health care proxy?  Any trusts? We will help you sort through what you have now and what you will need going forward.  

Prioritize Your Goals

Most people have a general idea of where they would like to be financially, but few have ever taken the time to identify specific goals and a timeframe for achieving them.  While working with you to develop your personal plan, we will help you identify and document your goals, help you prioritize them, and most importantly, help you achieve them.

Create a Diversified Portfolio That You Have Confidence In

We will work with you to create a portfolio just for you – one that supports your needs and goals. Many other firms have standardized models and clients are mapped to one of just a few model portfolios. We don’t have model portfolios. We create a portfolio specifically tailored for your goals and the portfolio is carefully designed to be something you will have confidence in – both in good times and in not so good times.

Along those lines, we often view our services as the “antidote to panic”. We stand between our clients and the dysfunctional emotional decisions that investors often make.  We can save clients many times the fee they pay us by preventing them from selling at the bottom of the market and by not letting them get caught up in the frenzy of a market high.

Ensure You Follow Through With Your Financial Commitments

Setting and prioritizing goals are very important but the next step is accountability. Are you saving enough in your 401(k)?  Did you contribute to your children’s 529 plan? Did you get the life and disability insurance that you needed? Did you get your new will drafted? Are you spending more in retirement than your plan specified? We meet with you on a regular basis to ensure that you are meeting all of your financial commitments.  

Educate and Create a Lifelong Partnership

Some people prefer to have in-depth knowledge about their investments while others want to know only what is necessary.  Wherever you are on that spectrum, we want you to feel that you have someone on your side who can explain things.  We are your “go to” source for whatever impacts your financial life.  And our goal is to partner with you for decades, not years.  We are proud to say that we often work with the parents and children of our clients.  In our opinion, there could be no higher compliment!

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