Our Services

Our Services

Wealth Management Services:

As a Wealth Management client of our firm, you will receive comprehensive financial planning services and continuous management of your portfolio. We believe that comprehensive planning is critical to the investment management process so we do not charge extra for our financial planning services.

In the first year that we work together, we will likely meet several times as the preparation of your financial plan is very time intensive. After the first year, we generally meet semi-annually to review investments and revisit any planning issues, though some situations may warrant quarterly or annual meetings.

Specifically, our Wealth Management services include estate planning, tax planning, college planning, portfolio development and implementation, insurance planning and retirement planning.  In addition to these services, we also rebalance our portfolios and look for tax loss harvesting opportunities. Performance is reported on a quarterly basis and clients receive monthly statements from the account custodian.

Stand-Alone Financial Planning Services:

The vast majority of our clients are Wealth Management clients and we work with those individuals on an ongoing basis. Occasionally, we have the capacity to take on a limited number of “planning only” clients. These planning-only engagements do not involve ongoing asset management. They can be comprehensive in nature or they might focus on a specific targeted area like retirement plan.  Stand-alone planning services are quoted on a fixed price basis and cost is determined by the complexity of the planning work.

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